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 Anyone want anything from Hasslefree?

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Anyone want anything from Hasslefree? Empty
PostSubject: Anyone want anything from Hasslefree?   Anyone want anything from Hasslefree? I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 21, 2011 4:39 pm

I bid on a set of Tau XV15 stealthsuits for my burgeoning, unused 40k army and realised soon after they had no backpacks. I won the auction at a smidge under £1 per head for 11.

I looked for usable alternative, forum posts didn't help, and I was poised to pull the plug on the deal (item not complete - seller didn't know til I told him) when I found jumppacks on Hasslefree's website, £2 for 5.

So to get to the point...minimum post is £2.50, and I can't see much else on the site I want, so is there anything else any of you guys want there?

Kev White, Hasslefree's sculptor, is noted for his sculpting of the female form, and does a nice line in zombie hunters. There's not much of interest to BloodBowl players, alas.
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Anyone want anything from Hasslefree?
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