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PostSubject: FORUM GUIDELINES, READ THESE FIRST.   FORUM GUIDELINES, READ THESE FIRST. I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 04, 2010 10:04 am

Listed below are the forums Posting Guidelines. Please take the time to read them and keep them in mind when posting.

1- This is intended as a family forum. There may users of all ages here. Therefore please do not post offensive or vulgar language (this includes offensive or vulgar slang words), sexual or violent images or descriptions of sexual or violent images. Additionally do not post links to websites which have such content or adverts for such items.

2- The language of this forum is English. If it is not your first language, please try to make yourself understandable. Please do not use numbers instead of words, for example some1, and sms-talk, for example I'm going 2 b good.

3- Please do not post in l33tsp34k, for no other reason that it really, really annoys posters.

4- Please keep your posting polite and civil. There is a person on the other end of the discussion that may, and probably will, interpret something the wrong way should you be rude.

5- When you compose your post, then please make sure that it is easy to read, and has a good structure. A good post is quicker to work with, and deserves a good reply.

6- Please do not type long, dragged out words, for example, NOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAY!!!!!. It causes horizontal scroll bars. This also applies for the location field in your Profile. Likewise, please do not post attachments or link to images which do the same. Please use image editing software to scale your image appropriately.

7- I recommend you use the default colour scheme for your posts. Should you opt to post in a different colour, please make sure that it is easy to read. If you receive negative comments about your text colour, then you have probably chosen the wrong colour.

8- Please respect other people's choices and opinions. Do not make fun of their painting, their miniatures, or their armies. It only serves to discredit your stance.

10- Please do not treat the forums as if they were chat rooms. They are not. Granted, a few of the forums are for casual exchanges, but the heavily used ones are intended for discussion and debate.

11- Never air personal disputes with other users on the forums. Should a disagreement arise out of something posted, or if a post results in personal offence, please do not hesitate to report the post or send a personal message to a Moderator or a forum Administrator for guidance or assistance. Never start a thread or post about a private quarrel.

12- Remember, stay friendly, even in Private Messages. If you are unhappy about the content of a Private Message, please report it to a Moderator or an Administrator.

13- Once you have posted, and you wish to change or add something to your post, please use the EDIT button. Please do not 'Double post' (submit more than one post in succession directly after another of your posts on the same thread). If you accidentally Double Post OR submit your post twice, the same EDIT button can be used to delete the extra post.

14- Please try to stay on topic. If you think of a new idea whilst posting on a thread, please start a new thread and do not to hijack someone else's thread.

15- Before you post a new thread, please look at the forums available. Then decide which is the most suitable forum for your topic. Be smart, do not just post in the first one available.

16- If you are not sure if the thread you wish to start has been posted before, please use the CHECK IF ALREADY POSTED option which appears alongside the Thread Title Field on the POST NEW THREAD screen.

17- Please do not post duplicate threads. Posting the same thread in more than one forum (including The Chaos Wastes) is not allowed. Please choose the most appropriate forum for your thread and post it there. However, it is acceptable, to include a link to a thread in your signature.

18- When replying to a thread please take a look at the date of the last post of said thread first (especially if you are using the 'new posts' feature). Only add a post to a thread if you have something useful to add and if the point you are going to make has not already been posted. If a thread has not had any posts added for a few weeks, its better to leave it alone and not post on it.

19- Please do not 'bump' a thread. This means posting on a thread purely to encourage people to post a response. These posts will be treated as spam.

20- Accusations of 'cheese' or 'beard' should be backed up with evidence. If you do try to pursue this point, then please try to back up your comments with logical and sensible views.

21- Please do not post threads about file sharing, including linking to file sharing web sites, on here. I am trying to build up a clean community website.

22- Please do not post threads asking for advice about personal relationships. Threads of this type will be removed without warning from my forums.

23- Threads which discuss politics and religion are not allowed unless in the general chat. Keep it friendly.

24- Please be careful about posting flashing images. People with photosensitive epilepsy can have seizures triggered by flickering or flashing in the 4 to 59 flashes per second (Hertz) range with a peak sensitivity at 20 flashes per second as well as quick changes from dark to light (like strobe lights). Images which fall into this category will be removed from the site without any prior warning.

25- Signatures. Please keep signatures to a maximum of seven lines of text, including blank ones, using vB font size 2. Please do not include images or pictures or attempt to create images using text symbols in the area set aside for signatures, it is for text only. Any attempt to create a signature as part of a post will not allowed and will be removed. Please do not include links to websites from which you gain personal benefit such as referrals. Please do not post links which are misleading or are deceptive.

26- To advertise commercially, contact an Administrator to seek permission.
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