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 Rules for the Swap Shop

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Rules for the Swap Shop Empty
PostSubject: Rules for the Swap Shop   Rules for the Swap Shop I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 31, 2010 6:33 am

This section of the site is for people to swap or sell off their excess models or to post inhopes someone can help them out in findnig a certain figure.

So I am ok with this as long as you are honest and you both up hold your part of the terms you have agreed upon.

Just make sure there is no money or talking of prices done on the site. Post what, when, where, why, etc type stuff and then when someone is interested then send them a PM to talk specifics.

Please include Want or Have in the title so people know what the topic is about.

Send a PM when you have a person who responds to your request.

Please if your item has been traded post in the thread so everyone so people will not keep posting.

This site will not be held liable and you must trade at your own risk, and if somehow you had a bad trade and you have PM'd and talked to them I will try to mediate for you but will not guarantee or in no way promise I can help.

If I cannot I will add them to a bad trader list to warn others.

Hopefully this helps and becomes a good way to help one another and not for others to take advantage of someone else.
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Rules for the Swap Shop
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